Thursday, June 7, 2012

Training - January 28th 2012 - Powerlifting Meet

Saturday RPS Jan 28 2012 Meet Write up
Not a good way to start of the new year.

500-No lift, bar rolled forward on my neck and I lost it
530- Just too burnt out from uncomfortable conditions.

Bench Press
320-No lift, Forgot about the new bench command
320-3whites, not shown, I smoked it

570-3whites smoke show
610-No lift, the bar twisted around and out of position
610-No lift, 1white light, left knee, locked, unlocked, relocked even though the bar never stopped moving up, and leverage wise my right leg is slightly longer than the left.
Anyways I still managed to take a JR and Men 242 Raw Am Classic 1st place(in both cross division), not that, stupid trophies or placings ever mattered to me. If they did I would have competed in the morning, and take best lifter, out of the womens, teens and juniors, but that is a cop out.

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